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If your current therapy does not bring the expected results and you are looking for new treatments, please contact us.

Modern medicine gives more and more possibilities and hope for finding effective treatment even for very serious, chronic diseases. It is at this point in the laboratories that new drugs are created that will help many patients in the future by replacing existing, less effective forms of therapy.

By taking part in a clinical trial, you can receive modern medicines long before they are marketed.

Highly qualified medical staff will provide you with the best care, the coordinators will make sure you do not forget about the next visit, and specialist doctors will give you as much time as you need.

Both medicines and medical consultations as well as all tests are free.

IP Clinic will allow you to fight the disease in a nice environment, professional service and support.

The members of study team have been working in clinical trials for 10 years, helping patients improve their quality of life.

From early childhood I struggled with an unpleasant disease, to no avail. Mrs. Doctor offered to participate in the study, I agreed and after 2 months for the first time in my life I could go to the pool. The changes have gone away.”

is ill with psoriasis

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